Interview: Marc Fitt Ernährung (englisch)

Interview: Marc Fitt Ernährung (englisch)
Quelle: Marc Fitt

Name: Marc Fitt
176 lbs.

Who are you and what are you doing?
I’m a 23-year-old fitness model, personal trainer, sponsored athlete, entrepreneur, public speaker, and international social activist from Montreal, Canada. In the last three years I’ve been able to become one of the top fitness models in the world by inspiring millions of people with my videos, pictures, quotes, articles and with all kinds of content I can share. Right now my online videos has been viewed over 17 million times on YouTube, I’m the fitness columnist of Global TV in Montreal and I’m also the CEO of Beyond Yourself Clothing. BYC is the first foundation I created to give back to young orphan children who need help. Every time an item is purchased I give $2 to Worldwide Orphans. I’m really proud of it. It’s the first foundation I’m helping, but certainly not the last!

How does your diet look?

I use the Harris–Benedict formula to calculate my caloric maintenance zone, and then can decide from there where I can either add calories to bulk, or subtract them to cut. 
Your body can best assimilate around 40 grams of protein at a time, so that’s what I aim to get at each meal. So, I take in around 260–300 grams per day.

What is your daily calorie and macro´s intake? (On- and Off-Season)

Firstly, I’d like to make a note of saying that I’m always “on-season,” so that I can be photo shoot ready all the time. I bulk, but keep lean at the same time in order to be in good shape for unexpected shoots. I’m currently taking in 3700 calories at the moment, and I take in 2700 when cutting.


Quelle: Marc Fitt

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