Interview: Marc Fitt Ernährung (englisch)

Interview: Marc Fitt Ernährung (englisch)
Quelle: Marc Fitt

Which foods should not be missing from your diet plan?
Chicken, brown rice, oats, and broccoli. Those are never not in my diet, whether I’m cutting  or bulking.

What supplements do you take?
Whey isolate protein, casein protein, BCAA, AMRAP, glutamine, creatine, PREWoD, Test Alpha, Omega-3, flax seed oil, dextrose, L-carnitine, CLA, and garlic.

Do you have an advice for your fans?
Don’t complicate things; keep it basic. Staying consistent is easier when you keep it simple, and stay consistent is where the results are.

What´s your favorite recipe on
Broccoli and shrimps with parsley-garlic-olive oil marinade

Thank you for your answers and all the best for the future!

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