Fitness Interview: Anthony Catanzaro Ernährung (Englisch)

Fitness Interview: Anthony Catanzaro Ernährung (Englisch)
Quelle: Anthony Catanzaro

Name:  Anthony Catanzaro
5’ 10”


Who are you and what are you doing?

My name is Anthony Catanzaro. I am the Superman of Fitness. I was born and raised in Bay shore, NY. I’ve been working out since the age of 15. I began competing in fitness and bodybuilding competitions in my mid-twenties and have won many titles since then. I am 100% lifetime drug free and I teach the importance of being natural to everyone I meet. I am a true believer in good health both in body and in mind. I own a fitness studio where I offer personal training, motivation and nutritional plans. I love what I do and plan to be the biggest motivational teacher on health and fitness since Jack Lalanne!

How does your diet look?

I’m a big believer in eating wholesome foods only. I don’t eat anything that comes from a box or a can. I eat fresh foods like meats, poultry, organic eggs, potatoes, salads, vegetables nuts and seeds. I have a saying “If God made it use it, if man made it lose it! We are not designed to eat processed foods loaded with toxic chemicals, we are also not meant to drink beer, wine, soda and other sugar or non-sugar drinks, our bodies are designed to drink water only! What would happen if you poured some wine into your nice healthy house plant? So why would you pour it into you?

What is your daily calorie and macro´s intake? (On- and Off-Season)

I don’t believe in a (On- and Off-Season) I’m the type of bodybuilder who wants to be fit and lean all year round. I don’t believe in bulking up because a huge majority of weight that will be gained will be mostly water and fat. To gain muscle I would just focus more on heavy lifting and more rest. You don’t need extra calories to gain muscle just the right calories!

My diet at the moment goes something like this 

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