Protein Chocolate Cookies

Protein Chocolate Cookies

Nutrition Facts

Amount Per Cookie
Calories 87 kcal
Protein 9.5 g
Carbohydrate 3.8 g
Fat 3.6 g

Calories per Gram:

Fat 9 • Carbohydrate 4 • Protein 4

Ingredients for 8 Protein Chocolate Cookies:

Preparation of the Protein Chocolate Cookies:

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl. Preheat the stove for about 10min (100° Celsius). Shape the mass into 8 cookies (with a tablespoon). Put the cookies on a backing paper and bake them for about 8-10min (75° Celsius – top-/bottom heat). If you need your personalized Meal Plan, you can get it here.

Enjoy and stay fit!

Tip: We recommend to keep the protein cookies in a food storage container to make sure that they do not dry out!

Product Recommendation for this Fitness Recipe:

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