Fitness Interview: Anthony Catanzaro Diet & Diet Plan

Fitness Interview: Anthony Catanzaro Diet & Diet Plan
Source: Anthony Catanzaro

Meal one: 6 egg whites, 1 bowl of oatmeal or grits, some fruit and coffee

Meal Two: Protein Shake some nuts

Meal Three: Grilled Chicken and mixed salad

Meal Four: Protein Shake some fruit

Meal Five: Grilled Chicken, Beef or Fish and mixed Salad

Meal Six: 6 egg whites, glass of almond milk


Which foods should not be missed from your diet plan?

Well it’s all important but you definitely don’t want to miss your proteins as protein is the key nutrient for growth and repair. But protein also needs carbohydrates to balance out properly. So eating low carbs all the time will definitely cause you to loose muscle mass and will also deplete not only your muscles but your brain and nervous system as well. Carbohydrates are the main fuel source for the body. It’s basically the gasoline of the engine and the engine is your body.


Cheat Meals?

Well a lot of people call them cheat meals and I really don’t know why. I would never consider eating a slice of pizza or a hamburger a cheat meal. It’s not even good to even say it’s a cheat meal because psychologically you’re telling your body you’re cheating and doing something you shouldn’t be doing. When you eat fast food like ice cream, candy, cookies, cake and drink alcohol etc, these are considered in my book as toxic meals. You should never eat anything your body would reject. When I do eat foods that are not on my daily diet they would be foods like, homemade pasta, pizza, homemade hamburgers that’s about it! I will have these foods when I want them I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it. I know my body would burn it up anyway. And it’s still wholesome food.

What supplements do you take?                                

Source: Anthony Catanzaro

Source: Anthony Catanzaro

I’m not a huge believer in supplements but I do take a multi mineral multi vitamin daily just to be safe. The thing is in today’s world the soil isn’t rich like it used to be and even the seeds are genetically modified so the vitamin density in foods today are about 60 % less of
what they were prior to genetic modification. So supplements may be needed in some cases.

What is your favourite fitness recipe on

Honesty I can’t say as I love all of them! I highly recommend them as they are natural healthy and wholesome!

Do you have any special advice for your fans?

As always thank you for all your love and support. I will continue to bring you knowledge, motivation and Inspiration for my entire life. Remember you are responsible for you! Don’t wait till tomorrow to take care of yourself you only get one life, one mind don’t waste it eating the wrong foods, hanging around the wrong people, or thinking the wrong thoughts. Your life is precious and meaningful. Search your inner soul and find out who you are. Connect with God and he will drive you into your destiny!


Thank you for the answers, Anthony, and all the best for the future!

Thank you,

Anthony Catanzaro
“The Superman of Fitness”

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