Savannah Rose Neveux Diet Interview

Savannah Rose Neveux Diet Interview
Source: Savannah Rose Neveux

Savannah Rose Neveux Diet Interview


Name: Savannah Rose Neveux



Who are you and what are you doing?

I’m a health and fitness blogger and entrepreneur.

How does your diet look?

I eat clean the majority of the time, but I indulge in my favourite foods when I am really craving them. Moderation, not deprivation! I’ve found that being too restrictive with my nutrition leads to unhealthy food relationships. I make sure to have a protein at each meal and usually pair it with a veggie and carbohydrate or fat.


What is your daily calorie and macro´s intake? (On- and Off-Season)

I don’t count calories or macros anymore. Instead, I focus on eating whole foods.


Which foods should not be missing from your diet plan?

Everyone is unique when it comes to the foods they can and can’t have. But generally speaking, a balanced diet that doesn’t cut out any of the major macronutrients is best.


Source: Savannah Rose Neveux

Source: Savannah Rose Neveux

Cheat Meals?                                                      

I love pizza, sushi and desserts (especially chocolate)!

What supplements do you take?

I take a multi-vitamin, fish oil and biotin. I also use a whey and casein protein powder.


What´s your favorite fitness recipe on                                                

Source: Savannah Rose Neveux

Source: Savannah Rose Neveux

The Salmon Salad with Mustard-Dill Marinade

Do you have any special advice for your fans?

Make it a lifestyle! Being healthy and fit is a marathon, not a sprint. If you learn to enjoy the journey, it makes reaching your goals so much easier! Work hard, stay patient and don’t quit!


Thank you for the answers, Savannah, and all the best for the future!


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