Fitness Model: Mike Stalker Diet

Fitness Model: Mike Stalker Diet
Source: Mike Stalker

Name: Mike Stalker   
Instagram: TheMikeStalker
Twitter: TheMikeStalker
Website: (SUBSCRIBE !!!)

Who are you and what are you doing?

I am Mike Stalker, a fitness model, trainer/consultant, writer, finance professional, and entrepreneur. I have my own blog and website where I will be offering a lot of free content, articles, interviews, and videos ( I also have a personal coaching tab where I take clients and do serious one-on-one online coaching. I have done modeling and acting campaigns for companies such as Diadora, Sketchers, Garnier Fructis, Reebok, Citizen K International Magazine, fitness magazines, and a global underwear campaign. I just graduated college, where I was also a Division 1 soccer player.


How does your diet look?

My diet is efficient and simple. I eat three whole meals each day (breakfast, lunch and dinner) and some sort of snack or small meal. I am not one who has 6-8 meals a day. That philosophy is “bro-science” and doesn’t help build muscle and burn fat any quicker or more efficiently than 3 regular meals a day. I am an athlete, and have trained like an athlete my entire life, which allows me to stay in great shape while eating the foods I love. Here is a sample of

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