Interview: James Ellis Diet

Interview: James Ellis Diet
Source: James Ellis

… ALWAYS be as close to cover ready shape as possible. Furthermore, I don’t really focus on my calorie intake as much as I do my macros. I’m usually taking in close to 1.5x my body weight in grams of protein (270 grams protein), about 200 grams of carbs (most taken around my workout), and less than 50 grams of fat per day. Those are the main things I focus on and I’ll usually allow myself a cheat meal each week too.

Which foods should not be missing from your diet plan?

I think this answer will vary depending on the individual you ask. For me, I like to make sure that I am always getting in my fiberous carbs (broccoli & asparagus) to keep me regular. I personally always like getting my antioxidants (blueberries) in as well as this keeps my energy high & keeps me healthy too.

Cheat Meals?

I find that cheat meals are certainly important to incorporate into your diet plan, but you must realize that every person is different. You’ll have to see how your body reacts to the cheat meal and figure out how often you can get away with a cheat. I usually just do one cheat meal per week and I don’t ‘stuff’ myself when I have the cheat meal. Too many people ‘stuff’ themselves so much that they feel sick and that is never a good thing. Cheat meals are great because they shock your system into getting great results. Changing up the diet shows your body how good it has it with the healthy/clean food too.  : ) I usually like to cheat with pizza and cheesecake as those are two of my very favorites.

Source: James Ellis

Source: James Ellis

What supplements do you take?

I am always taking BCAA’s, Whey Isolate Protein, Glutamine, CLA, & Vitamins. When I am really trying to cut up for a shoot or something I’ll usually add a fat burner to the mix as that typically gives me some amazing results.


What´s your favorite fitness recipe on

My favorite fitness recipte on HFN is the Scrambled Eggs with Spelt Flakes. However, I use all egg whites to keep it even lower fat. : )

Do you have any special advice for your fans?

Yes, I’d love to leave some special advice.  Seek out advice from people that have the body that you would desire to have someday.  I have always found that individual in the gym or online that looks the way I would like to look and I ask what they do to look that way. Get diet, training, & supplementation advice from them and try it out. I’ve had a lot of people ask me what I do and that’s why I came up with the workout video downloads that I have on . That’s also why I’ll be putting my own e-books up there soon too.  Keep an eye out for the membership website launching there late this year too.  : )

James, thank´s a lot for your answers and all the best for the future!

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  1. andrew

    Great article, the only thing that didn’t seem to add up was the nutrition. The protein seemed right, but if you add up the fat, carbs and protein ( 200g carb x 4, 270g pro x 4 and 50g x 9 ) you only get 2330 calories.

    Every where says that someone at 180 lbs will need more than that just to maintain weight, so i was wondering how you would gain weight on that amount of carbs in particular?


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