Interview: Regie Simmons Diet

Interview: Regie Simmons Diet
Source: Regie Simmons

Which foods should not be missing from your diet plan?
In my opinion, people should always consume a combination of protein, carbs and healthy fats at every meal. The body needs these macronutrients so it’s vital that a diet include them. As mentioned, I am not a fan of fad diets that eliminate certain macronutrients.

Cheat Meals?
When I’m in-season I don’t deviate from my diet in the slightest. In the off-season, however, I enjoy the occasional cheat meal—if you can call it that. My go-to meals are sushi and burgers minus the fries. When I first started getting into shape I consumed cheat meal weekly, then monthly, but over time those meals became more infrequent. 

What supplements do you take?
In the beginning I took too many supplements thinking that supplements would transform me into a super hero. I believe that supplements are just that…supplemental to your diet. I try to get what I need from “whole foods” and use supplements to support my healthy diet. Here is a list of my supplements:

  • Iso-Fuse, whey protein
  • Natural Selection, multi-vitamin
  • Casein
  • Creatine monohydrate
  • Glutamine
  • Fish oils
  • Vitamin C

What´s your favorite recipe on
The Protein Chocolate Cookie recipe looks amazing. I’ve always been a huge fan of cookies, but I haven’t had one in several years.

Do you have any special advice for your fans?
First, I recommend that everyone pickup my eBook FitBodiez Fundamentalz when it becomes available in 2014 at Here is some of the advice that is contained in the eBook:
I think people have to define success in concrete terms that can be measured. It kills me when people say that they want to “get in shape” because that’s a nebulous goal that is non-specific. Fitness goals should be specific, actionable and measurable. Nothing breeds success like success, so by setting goals that are broken down into milestones, you have an ability to have “wins.” And, who isn’t motivated by winning? People should also track their progress. This can be done in a number of ways but I’ve found that progress pictures work best.

Thank you for your answers and all the best for the future!

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