Dan Bentano Diet and Calorie Intake


about 3100! I don´t have really a off-Season! My Aim is to look always really aesthetic and i love it to be shredded and flexing out my obliques! My Macro´s intake is similiar with my whole diet! Carbs, Proteins and Fats are the balance in my diet, always and 365 days a year.

Which foods should not be missing from your diet plan?

Not missing in my diet are Chicken, Eggs, Potatoes-Meals, Vegetable, essential-Oils, Nuts, Dairy goods and much Water!

Cheat Meals?

When Fitness Models sayin they don´t have cheat-Meals they lie. Every Person need sometimes a nice Eating and this is coincident a happy feeling and very good for your balance in life. I eat all 2-3 Weeks pizza and all 2 month´s i drink a beer.

What supplements do you take?

My Current supplements are read in the
following way:

Source: Dan Bentano

Source: Dan Bentano

Whey Protein
Pre Workout
Olimp Creatine Monohydrate
Olimp Glutamine
Olimp BCAA
Multi Vitamin Optimen
Fish Oil

What´s your favorite fitness recipe on www.HealthyFitnessNutrition.com?

A Lovely recipe is Chicken in low-carb form.


Do you have any special advice for your fans?

Strength, Disciplin, Confidence!
No matter what others thinks, think always positive and don´t bother or hater other people in life!
Without a good mind, you´ll never achieve a great body!
Positive Big Thoughts can create BIG things, trust me.

-Dan Bentano Fitness-

Thank you for the answers, Dan, and all the best for the future!

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