Interview: Scott Herman Diet

Interview: Scott Herman Diet
Source: Scott Herman

Name: Scott Herman
173 lbs


Who are you and what are you doing?
Hey everyone, I’m Scott Herman and I teach fitness online via YouTube and my website  In the last year I have built the largest most interactive social media platform where members can engage with each other, track their progress and share information like never before.  You can do everything from uploading your photos / videos to making friends and posting questions in our forums.  You can even customize an avatar to resemble you on your profile!  We are continuously updating our website with exercises, routines, recipes, interesting articles and much more!

How does your diet look?
I am currently on a high protein diet.  My macros as of right now are 272grams of protein, 159grams of carbs and 77grams of fat.  You can see my entire meal plan in the NOTEBOOK section of my profile here: If you need help building your meal plan, check out my video “Building Your Meal Plan! Learn How To Calculate Protein, Carb & Fat Daily Intake For Your Goals!” This video will teach you how to easily calculate what you need to be eating on a daily basis based on your goals!

What is your daily calorie and macro´s intake? (On- and Off-Season)
I don’t have an “On / Off” season.  I focus on making lean gains (building muscle with very little increase in body fat), thus keep my daily macros and calories the same.  As I continue to gain muscle and strength, I adjust my daily food intake by adding a bit more calories usually from fat and protein with a slight increase in carbs. My current intake of protein, carbs, and fat is as follows:

Calories: 2403
Carbs: 159g
Protein: 272g
Fat: 77g

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